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Leave a Bequest

Leave a Bequest to the Victorian Artists' Society

By making a bequest to the Victorian Artists' Society you can support the development and nurturing of current and future artists.

Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to support the work of the Victorian Artists' Society. By leaving a percentage of your estate, a sum of money or other assets to Victorian Artists' Society in your will, you will ensure the future sustainability of the Society, the further development of the gallery spaces and provide artists with the opportunity to learn, create and exhibit their art.  Your gift, regardless of the size, will be gratefully received by the Victorian Artists' Society.

By leaving a gift in your Will and advising the Victorian Artists' Society  - should you wish to - we would love to get in touch with you or even send you our newsletters so we can show you the great work we do and the events/exhibitions.

There are several gifts that you might consider leaving to the Victorian Artists' Society:

A share of your estate

Known as a 'residual bequest', it is a percentage of what remains of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. One of the advantages of this gift is that it won't be affected by inflation as its value will change in line with the value of your estate. This means you're less likely to need to amend it in the future.

A specific sum

This is a gift of a specified dollar amount. It is worth remembering that the effects of inflation may reduce the value of this kind of gift.

A specific item

It could be something valuable such as an antique, painting, property, shares or an insurance policy.

A reversionary gift

This gift allows you to leave your estate to your loved ones while they are living, but after they pass away the share you intended for the Victorian Artists' Society will pass to us.

Amending an existing will?

Of course, you may already have made a Will. You can add the Victorian Artists' Society by completing a codicil and sending it to your solicitor. A codicil is a document on which changes or additions are made to an existing Will and must be read in conjunction with it.

How to word your will

To include a gift to the Victorian Artists' Society in your Will all you need to do is to provide your solicitor our full legal name (The Victorian Artists Society) and registered Australian Business Number (75 004 046 824).

The following wording may be used as a guide:

'I bequeath, free of all duties the residue or (percentage) % of the residue of my estate; or the sum of $(amount); or (specified items) to Victorian Artists Society (75 004 046 824), in aid of that charity and for its general purposes, with the written acknowledgement of Victorian Artists' Society to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.'

For further information please contact the manager. 

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will to the Victorian Artists' Society, please contact your solicitor or our Bequest Officer on (03) 9662 1484 or email us.