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VAS Member Exhibitions & Voting

VAS Exhibitions

The Autumn, Winter and Spring exhibitions are our three major exhibitions held each year. They all contributing to and are the basis for the Mavis Little Artist Of The Year Award (Mavis Little AOTY). Members may enter in one piece per exhibition for the seasonal exhibitions. Mavis Little AOTY entries are by invitation only. To exhibit at these VAS exhibitions, you are required to be a member of the Victorian Artists' Society.

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Voting at VAS exhibitions

Autumn, Winter, Spring & Award Exhibitions.

1. The artists who make the finals (Award Exhibition: Artist of the Year Award) have received the highest number of votes throughout the three seasonal exhibitions from selected members (artists exhibiting in exhibitions).

2. The finalists need to have entered at least two of three seasonal shows in the year.

3. The selected members in each exhibition have earned the right to vote towards 'Artist of the Year'.

4. Members who were not exhibitors (or not selected) are encouraged to vote. Their votes go towards the 'Design Framing of Essendon Award'.

5. The word 'artist' means all selected including sculptors.

Sculpture Prize

The 'VAS Sculpture Prize' is voted on separately by financial members (not general public). This award is managed by the Sculpture Convenors on Council, not by staff.

Voting procedure

The votes given by each member for the three Seasonal Exhibitions is one point per vote (not preferential). However, in the 'Award Exhibition ? Mavis Little Artist of the Year' the voting is preferential, 1st choice = 3 points, 2nd choice = 2 points, 3rd choice = 1 point. The highest vote received after four exhibitions is declared 'Artist of the Year'.