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'​New Coat', stoneware by Ivan Horacek 

Price $250.00 

Catalogue Number 115

'​Little Girl, Little Bird', Raku by Ellen Jenkins 


Catalogue Number 119

'​For Dad', Mixed by Rachel Robertson 

Sculpture Winner, 2020 VAS Winter exhibition


Catalogue Number 121

'​Smoko Used Worker's Glove', by Tahani Shamroukh 


Catalogue Number 118

​'Quo Vadis', Cast Glass by Zoja Trofimiuk 

Price $20,000.00 

Catalogue Number 120

'​Venus of Malta', Glazed Earthenware by Manfred Tursky 

(Inspired by the 5000 year old original found in the Hagar Quim Temples in Malta) 

Price $300.00 

Catalogue Number 116

'​Keystone', Limestone by Maxine Wain 

Highly Commended

Price $500.00 

Catalogue Number 117


​Oil Paintings

'Storm over Streeton Country—Mt. Abrupt', oil on linen by Ben Winspear

Winner, 2020 VAS Winter exhibition

Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic Paintings

'Arts and Leisure', watercolour by Mike Kowalski

Highly Commended Award

​​Drawing, Pastel and Mixed Media Artworks

​'Flying Fish', Graphite and colour pencil by Linda Weil​


'Keystone', limestone by Maxine Wain

Highly Commended Award