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Margaret Picken

​Morning Light Dunsborough​

​Smoke and Dust—December 2019​


​Whitehaven from Above


1968–75: Initially apprentice Cartographer/Tracer/Draftswoman working within the Mining industry, drafting Geological maps for the geologists and their reports. North Broken Hill, BP Australia and CRA were my main employers. 

1983–2005: Worked for Real Estate Companies within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne drawing ‘pen and ink’ sketches of homes, floorplans, aerial sketches etc, which were used in the newspapers of the time and flyer/catalogues. These were popular for 20 years and I was a sole trader within this industry.

2006–07: Studied Calligraphy under Janine Mitchell, a top Melbourne Calligrapher for 2 years. I entered and won the ‘Novice Craft Calligraphy and Lettering Arts’ award at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2007. A great thrill.

2011: VAS—Studied oil pointing under Stephen Doyle. Studied drawing classes under Linda Weil, for 2 years. Studied drawing and watercolour under Julian Bruere for 3 years.

1919–present: Painting at the Hawthorn Artists Society in the Friday Basement Group mentored by Jenny Scholes and Nathan Paramanathan. We have held an exhibition last year 2019 and intend to do so in the future 

Exhibited: Camberwell Art Show: 2017, 18, 19

Box Hill Art Show: 2018

Bayside Art Show: 2019

Victorian Artists Society: 2017, 18, 19

Member: Victorian Artists Society

Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors

                                    Hawthorn Artists Society