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Linda Gallus

See Through Barn​


Afternoon Shadows​


Metal Caps​


​Linda studied Art/Craft Secondary School Teaching at Melbourne University. During her childhood her parents mingled with architects, designers, and artists. Her Father was an Architect which influenced her interest in buildings and interior design. Many of Linda’s artworks, whether they be painting or sculpture, show this influence.

Recently some of these paintings have been exhibited at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford. They are part of a series of eleven works. Five of the works are currently in her studio, three of which you can see here. The buildings are all on a farm near where Linda lives on the Bellarine Peninsula. They are all tumbling down and returning to the earth but there is still enough there to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship involved in building them. The weathered patina on the painted timber surfaces and the rust on the sheets of corrugated iron is inspiring. Perhaps not too long into the future they will all be knocked over and burnt.

Linda is also working on another series of eight works, much larger and of varying subject matter. They may also be exhibited at the Convent Gallery in the future. They are mainly of rural themes with a sense of realism with a twist. There is the addition of quirky and surprising elements giving these works a sense of whimsy and delight. Many of them have birds and animals in them.