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Imre Zsido

​St George Fighting the Dragon​


​Don Quixote and the UFOs​


​Long Wait


I was born in the so called 'Jewish Hospital' located  in the XIII district ( Angels land) of  Budapest, Hungary on 28th of July 1950. 

I married to my wife Livia in 1972.

It was that year that we decided we would need to leave Hungary in order to pursue my dream becoming a professional artist.

In 1973 we escaped from Hungary to end up in an Italian Refugee Camp in the city of Latina, Southern Italy. Here we spent three months before being escaped and accepted to (West) Germany where we lived with my wife’s relatives in Duisburg (northern Germany).

I worked here as an electrician for a year and half until our son Thomas was born In May 1974. In May 1975 we immigrated to Melbourne where we have resided ever since. My daughter Sylvia born in Melbourne In 1978.

My first job as an electronics technician was at Siemens and after I worked for Sony Australia and a couple of small firms until in 1983 I joined Telecom (Telstra) where I worked until the 19th of August 2014 when I retired from work. In 2017 we moved up to the Gold Coast in Queensland to start a new life. Now I will be able to concentrate on my art and spend more time to create artworks.

I’m a member of the Victorian Artist’s Society and the Royal Queensland Art Society. I received my first award at the 'Dandenong Festival of Music and Art for Youth' in Australia in 1976. Since I have received numerous awards and commendations throughout Melbourne and Australia, including a personal letter from Sir William Dargie (Australia’s leading artist and art teacher). Throughout the years I have produced hundreds of drawings and paintings and have been commissioned to do numerous private pieces.​