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Hsin Lin

Have Faith in A Sunny Place - Premium Hydrangea​​


A A life time commitment - Pink Roses And Anthuriums


Riverview in wonderland - Yarra River​


​HSIN completed both a Bachelor degree in finance at NCHU, Taiwan and diploma in fashion at RMIT.

Prior to taking up painting, she launched her own personal fashion label as a chief designer.

She was determined to extend her expertise in visual art after her returning to the beloved city—Melbourne. Hsin Lin swapped the manipulation of fabric for the more enticing world of paint and canvas and has been creating art full-time ever since.

In both her on-going abstract and realistic series, Hsin Lin has devoted herself to bringing the beauty and serenity that she feels when depicting floral subjects.

Her artwork was chosen and printed on 50,000 Eco-friendly cups distributed nationally in Australia on 2018; another Artwork—Trust Me—was chosen and published on 10,000 postcards distributed nationally. Full collection was also featured on Australia Artist’s Palette magazine on 2017.

Her Artworks are held in numerous private collections across Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions include various local art shows and group exhibitions in Victorian Artists Society and so on.

Signature Series: Bloom Like Flowers, a signature floral series developed by award winning artist H. Lin, to raise the awareness of mental health issue.

Flowers symbolize life, an important message hidden in the project—You can too bloom like flowers and make the life you want.

Join her on this delightful journey.