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Hans Van Weerd VAS



​Long Pose


Jayden and John


​Hans van Weerd is a Newport-based contemporary artist. He always carries a sketchbook with him, drawing wherever and whenever he can. Hans can be found most Saturdays in the studio of the Victorian Artists’ Society, but he is also a member of the Hawthorn Artist Society.

Hans regularly exhibits his work at the Victorian Artists Society[1] and elsewhere. He was invited to exhibit at the 2017 Hannah Russell Look at Me! exhibition at the Oak Hill gallery in Mornington (VIC), was selected for the 2017 St Johns Southgate Art Prize in Southbank (VIC), the 2018 One Man Show group exhibition at the Town Hall gallery in Hawthorn (VIC), the 2019 Now, West group exhibition at the Longspace Gallery in Newport (VIC), the 2019 Whitehorse Art Show at the Town Hall gallery in Boxhill (VIC) and the 2019 SMALL group exhibition at the Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery in Melbourne. He was a finalist in the 2019 Naked and Nude Art Prize of the Manning Regional Art Gallery (NSW).

In 2020 Hans was selected to have a stand at The Other Art Fair in Sydney. In October 2020 he will have a solo-exhibition at the F​or​tyfi​vedownstairs Gallery in Melbourne.

In 2020 Hans was elected Signatory Member of the Victorian Artists Society.

[1] 2014: spring, autumn, little treasures, portrait (‘John’ highly recommended), life (‘Hazel’ encouragement award); 2015: spring, winter, autumn, contemporary, little treasures, bargain, portrait; 2016: autumn, winter, bargain, life, invited portrait artist for public portrait demonstration day; 2017: bargain, contemporary portrait, life, little treasures; 2018: bargain, contemporary, life, portrait, autumn, winter, spring; 2019: contemporary, portrait, autumn, winter, plein air, life, portrait, spring; 2020: contemporary