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Faramarz Mokhtarpour

​Cool Winter


​Fall Reflexion​


​Glistening rays of light dancing amongst the trees​


Born in 1964 to a family that soon understood and supported his talent for arts, Dr Faramarz Mokhtarpour began his painting experience with watercolour and gouache, winning a nation-wide art contest before starting with oil paints and later pastels at the age of 15.

After graduating from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 1989, he sought to use every opportunity to indulge in arts, parallel to his medical career, and created some of his finest paintings while gaining experience. Guided by contemporary masters, the help of art textbooks and use of nature.

As apparent by his works, his preferred subject is nature scenery, using a realist style with tendencies to impressionism and sometimes surrealism, with his instinct and years of experience guiding his brush.

His history of works include participation in and holding nearly 100 group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad, including:

Solo exhibition in Mashhad Galiran Gallery: Fall 1989

Solo exhibitions in Mashhad Mirak gallery: 1999, 2001, 2003

Solo exhibitions at Tehran Naqsh-e Jahan Gallery: 2002, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015

Group exhibitions at Tehran Naqsh-e Jahan Gallery: 2009, 2010

Participation in Beijing China Art Expo: 2006

Group Exhibitions at Tehran Shams Gallery: 2006, 2011, 2015, 2016

Solo exhibition at Tehran Shams Gallery- Fall 2007

Solo exhibition at the complex of Imam Reza (AS) Gallery in Mashhad- Winter 2007

Participation at Tehran Art Expo (Saba Academy): 2009

Solo exhibition at Apadana Gallery in Esfehan: spring 2010

Solo exhibition in Mashhad koohsangi garden art Chaharsogh: Fall 2011

Medical Group Exhibitions Artist (solok-e sepid 1) in Mashhad Rezvan Gallery: 2013, 2015

Solo exhibition in Mashhad charitable Gulistan Ali (AS) Gallery: Fall 2013

Solo exhibitions in Mashhad Rezvan Gallery: Dec 2014, 2016

Group Exhibition in Mashhad Artin Gallery: Spring 2015

Group Exhibition in Mashhad Aseman Gallery: Spring 2016

Solo Exhibition at one arts gallery in Gold Coast Australia: August 2016

Group spring exhibition of the members at VAS gallery in Melbourne (Won the Gordon Moffatt Award for best painting)

Group exhibition of VAS members Melbourne Australia December 2016

Group exhibition at Majlis Gallery Dubai Dec 2017

Group Exhibition and Affordable Art Sale Auction of members at VAS gallery.

Group Autumn Exhibition of VAS Members April 2017 Melbourne Australia (Won the Undine Award)

Solo Exhibition (melody of water) at Skokouh Gallery in Tehran April 2017