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Eva Miller



The Watcher




​​I have always been interested in creating art of some sort and I suppose have dabbled in some sort of creative process all my life.In school I remember drawing of Spanish galleons – I used to love drawing the beautiful details of the raised stern, and billowing sails.When I left school I enrolled in illustration at RMIT at night school, during which time I remember doing some life drawing and painting from still life. 

Throughout the eighties I enrolled in (night school) library course, and after work and before the sessions began, I filled in the time by attending short courses at Prahran TAFE in drawing and painting.

When I retired from teaching (not art) I decided to explore different aspects of art not yet knowing which direction I wanted to move into.I became very interested in Mosaics, (I think it was the colour of the pieces which attracted me) then moved on to Pastel painting. I am still drawn to the beautiful pastels in art shops. However, I still loved drawing and drawing the human figure is always a joy and challenge.

On moving to Hawthorn, I joined Hawthorn Artists Society and began life drawing in earnest and soon discovered Yvonne Audette and have been doing life drawing with her ever since.Later, I discovered the Melbourne Studio School and have worked with them for many years.

I have increasingly moved away from realism in painting, and enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful and colourful abstract paintings that are grounded in nature and landscape. However, I still find portrait painting very interesting.