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Christine Denny

Red Velvet


​Stormy Weather


​Water Lilies


​​​Since childhood I have loved to draw and would often surprise my parents with drawings of cartoon characters on cork coasters and basically anything I could get my hands on! I am largely self-taught, but I did study art in Year 12 and then First Year Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne, before switching to psychology. After working for over 20 years as a clinical psychologist, I decided to return to my first love¬—drawing—and to combine it with my love of animals. Hence ‘Pet Portraits and More’ was born. I advertise on Facebook and use photographs to draw custom portraits of treasured pets, landscapes,  human portraits etc using my favourite medium, pastel. During university vacations, I was an Administrative Officer at the National Gallery of Victoria for several years. This work allowed me to wander the Gallery during lunchtime and my appreciation of art grew during  this time. I am a member of the Victorian Artists Society and have studied under Shirley Straford and Barbara McManus. I receive ongoing commissions as part of ‘Pet Portraits and More’ and have sold work through the VAS.​