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Norma Bull Scholarship

​The Norma Bull Naturalistic Portraiture Scholarship

Painting by Tyler Arnold, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2019

Tyler paints to render and relay the immediacy of what he sees before him. Using himself as a subject for paintings over the past six years has provided him with a form of documentation that simultaneously reflects his evolving art practice, appearance, and, in an abstract sense, psychological state. Through the ritual of portrait painting and the experience of landscape painting, Tyler seeks to work in a way that is both contemplative and spontaneous.

Tyler grew up in Warrandyte and studied oil painting at Montsalvat in Eltham. He was a finalist in the Black Swan Portraiture Prize 2018 and Rick Amor Self Portrait Prize 2017.

​This coveted biennial Art Prize is available for students working in the field of 'Naturalistic Portraiture' and is valued at $5,000.

The award is open to students of art of all ages and experience levels, whether this be in university, through the
Victorian Artists Society or other art schools, informal institutions, societies or with a private tutor. You do not need
to be a university student to enter. This scholarship is open to beginners and advanced students working in the
Naturalist style.

Painting by Stephen Doyle, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2009

​Portrait of Peter Smales, by Cherry Manders, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2011

Painting by Noralisa Speranza, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2013

Norma Bull was born in Melbourne in 1906.As an artist she was most active in England during World War II and famous for her wartime depictions. Her skills were diverse with etching and painting being her focus. The opening of her exhibition, ‘War time Britain’ on 4th December 1947 was attended by her Majesty the Queen of England.In the prelude to this exhibition one journalist expressed “What I liked most was the artist’s enthusiasm: it seemed to me she felt she had a message to give to the people of Australia”. After a long and distinguished career, she passed away in 1980 after a trust was set up to celebrate the study of art in the form of naturalistic portraiture.

Applicants are required to submit a completed entry form and written statement evidencing talents and plans for use of scholarship funds to the Trustee.

The scholarship is made available through the bequest of the late Norma Bull in accordance with the Deed of Trust of the late Norma Bull, Trustee: The Victorian Artists' Society. The winning portrait becomes the property of the Trustee.

ainting by Fiona O'Byrne, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2015

‘Portrait of Greg Smith’ by Rachel Dettmann-Smith
Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2017