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17th August - 27th August 2019

Opening: Tuesday 20th August 2019 at 7:00pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 27th August 2019 12:00pm

The Victorian Artists' Society is pleased to present our annual Portrait Exhibition featuring the Nada Hunter Award for $1,000.

A variety of work will be on display and for sale, showcasing the many talents of our artists in a wide range of styles and mediums. This is an ideal opportunity for art enthusiasts who wish to develop their art collection.

Please join us for the opening of this exhibition on Tuesday the 20th of August at 7pm.

During this exhibition we will also be having our Portrait Painters In Action event which will be held on Sunday the 25th August from 11am - 4pm.

Portrait painters will be demonstrating the process of painting a portrait from life models.

Please join us on the day for portrait painting and a light afternoon tea.


All welcome.

'Wallander's Dad' by Julian Bruere - winner of the 2018 Nada Hunter Portraiture Award