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27th April - 3rd May 2016

Opening: Thursday 28th April 2016 at 6:30pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 3rd May 2016 12:00pm

Louise Foletta has invited 3 noted women artists; Celia Beeton, 
Jo Reitze and Marian Rennie to join her in exhibiting at the 
Victorian Artist Society in East Melbourne.
Opening 28 April – 3 May

Each artist will hold their own independent exhibition of Recollections.
The breadth and excitement of the work shown will illustrate how it’s often women who dare to explore new and sensitive areas.

The galleries will be pulsating with the vibrance and energy of these artists.

Opening night has art, a book launch, wine and music.

Suzanna Sheed, Independent Member for Shepparton will be opening the exhibitions at 7.00pm.

Celia Beeton 

Celia's love of nature its micro and macro aspects have been with her since a child. The provenance of found objects from Nature has been of continuous curiosity as has the well 
being of the environment, flora fauna and landscape itself. 
Celia's time in wild places in Tasmania and internationally have been an influence and her early watercolour works and drawings have been the vehicle of expression of her ideas. This has been followed now by large charcoal / sometimes mixed media work that include other aspects of text, poetry and historical data. Ideas have also been explored in a more global context over the years.

Louise Foletta    louisefoletta.com

In Recollections we see how Louise responds to different light, landscapes and issues concerning the environment. Known for her watercolours and their depiction of deep space, Louise found this medium inadequate in capturing the changed landscape and the sense of loss after experiencing the Black Saturday Fire. She turned to abstraction, large canvases, charcoal (from the fire) and other mediums.

Jo Reitze    joreitzeartist.com.au

Jo’s joyous gouache or oil paintings celebrate the beauty and restorative qualities
of gardens. Inspired by direct observation, she captures the essence of specific gardens with vibrant colours, applied with lyrical mark-making and enhanced by strong tonal contrasts. These emotive works express her passion for gardens and gardening.

Marian Rennie    marianrennie.com.au

Marian’s emotional country is as vast as the continent. Her interpretation of form (both figurative and natural), together with the controlled vibrancy of her colours,
 give her paintings their power.
Marian’s sketchbook has been her constant companion, documenting numerous aspects of everyday life. This exhibition includes the launch of a book developed from her sketchbooks.