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Fiona Andrews - Reclamation: The scars we wear

28th August - 10th September 2019

Opening: Saturday 31st August 2019 at 2:00pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 10th September 2019 12:00pm

An exhibition featuring a Fiona Andrews’s latest Archibald entry pairing: ‘The Scars we wear’. This work was covered wildly in the media recently. 

Fiona experienced a significant accident 4 years ago and found herself coping with diminished functioning. She met Dr Michael Wong who established that she had in fact sustained a broken neck and had been at risk of paraplegia since the fall. In their meeting and his restorative surgery Fiona discovered his story. He had almost died after a stabbing attack in a Melbourne Hospital in the same year she had experienced her fall.  Fiona and Michael resolved to represent the story in an Archibald entry. Michael Wong plans to open this exhibition and it is planned that the night will feature Fiona’s next subject for the Archibald: Musician Peter O’Shea. The other paintings in the exhibition will cover period pre and post injury as a journey of reclamation.

'Michael Wong: The scars we wear', Archibald entry, Oil by Fiona Andrews

'Wine Country, France', Acrylic by Fiona Andrews