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17th August - 27th August 2019

Opening: Tuesday 20th August 2019 at 7:00pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 27th August 2019 12:00pm

This coveted biennial Art Prize is available for students working in the field of 'Naturalistic Portraiture' and is valued at $5,000. To enter, students must either be enrolled in an art course in a Tertiary Institute or a course of studies with an art school or qualified teachers recognised by the Trustee. 

The scholarship is made available through the bequest of the late Norma Bull in accordance with the Deed of Trust of the late Norma Bull, Trustee: The Victorian Artists' Society. The winning portrait becomes the property of the Trustee. 

Please join us for the opening and announcement of the 2019 Norma Bull Portraiture Scholarship Winner, on 20 August at 7pm, 2019. This will take place on the same night as the awards presentation for the 2019 Portrait Exhibition.

See more details about the prize here.

'Portrait of Gregory R. Smith', Oil by Rachel Dettmann-Smith

Winner of the Norma Bull 2017