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1st September - 29th September 2017

Opening: Friday 1st September 2017 at 12:00pm

Viewing Until: Friday 29th September 2017 12:00pm

Meet the artist Saturday 9th September from 1pm - 3pm
Cat Sleeping - Nathan Moshinsky (digital print)

Nathan Moshinsky has had several solo exhibitions at the VAS, and has regularly exhibited in group shows held by that Society. He has also exhibited in group exhibitions organised by the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria.

 In 2012 he completed a Diploma of Visual Art majoring in oil painting and print making.

 In 2015 he was awarded first prize and third prize for oil paintings exhibited at Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc.

This exhibition displays some of the styles, mediums and genres, which Nathan has been exploring.

In the still life oil paintings of fruit and vegetables,  Nathan concentrates on the depiction of familiar objects placed on small surfaces. These works reveal the uniqueness of these objects in a composition which suggests harmony and balance.

Nathan has enjoyed his Ipad, and in particular the “Art Rage” app, to produce colourful and spontaneous work, revelling in the unique mark making which this medium has enabled him to achieve.

Nathan’s landscape, seascape work (particularly sunsets) and streetscape work, has been inspired by his experience in living in the South Pacific as well as his travels in Australia. Nathan enjoys working with an image so as to explore colour and tonal relationships, sometimes exaggerating these aspects of a painting or drawing, so as to express his response to the subject and to create a mood. This is evident in “Shadow City”, an oil painting of a lonely figure in a street lane.

A love of flowers is also displayed by some work in this exhibition. In particular, a delicate pencil drawing of flowers in a vase seeks to express the transience of these objects, and is contrasted by the bold and colourful painting of red roses, which portrays a joyful feeling.

The exhibition mostly, contains, recent work.