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1st August - 31st August 2017

Opening: Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 12:00pm

Viewing Until: Thursday 31st August 2017 12:00pm

1ST - 31ST AUGUST 2017
Lady on a Chair - Sidney Huang

Sidney Huang (born 1959 in Fujian, China) graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Fujian Normal University in 1985. During his four years at university, he was awarded a scholarship and was also a recipient of the annual Best Sketch-Artist Award. After graduating, Sidney taught at various vocational schools and universities before immigrating to Australia in December 1989.  Sidney HUANG is trained and specialises in Chinese figure-painting, and prior to immigrating to Australia, he was admitted to the Fujian charter of the Chinese Artists Association.

This exhibition is primarily composed of his more recent works, which focus on his forays into watercolour figure-painting. He aspires to one day bridge watercolour and Chinese painting through his art.