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18th November - 5th December 2017

Opening: Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 7:00pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 5th December 2017 12:00pm

Mavis Little Artist of the Year Awards Exhibition incorporating the Sculptor of the Year Award.

The Victorian Artists Society is pleased to announce the artist lineup for the prestigious Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award Exhibition sponsored by the Hansen Little Foundation.

This prestigious award is achieved by receiving the most votes throughout the year including this exhibition by fellow artists.

Congratulations to all who have been successful in being selected for this year's Mavis Little Artist of the Year exhibition.

Bruce Baldey - Julian Bruere - Ted Dansey - Rachel Dettmann - Rod Edelsten - Louise Foletta - Adam Frith - Jennifer Fyfe - Ray Hewitt - Mary Hyde - Don James - Adrian Johnson - Annee Kelly - Mike Kowalski - Gwendoline Krumins - Moira Laidlaw - Paul Laspagis - Joseph Luczynski - Barbara McManus - Anne Melloy - Faramarz Mokhtarpour - Elizabeth Moore Golding - Nathan Paramanathan - Des Parkin - Bob Pelchen - Robyn Pridham - Jo Reitze - Jennifer Scholes - Raelene Sharp - Clive Sinclair - Gregory Smith - Fred Toumayan - Maxine Wade - Erica Wagner - Ray Wilson - Ben Winspear

Artists participating in this year's Sculptor of the Year Award Exhibition are.

Heather Ellis - Ivan Horacek - Judith Leman - Maxine Wain


Silver Sunrise - Ben Winspear - Winner 2016


The Spirit of Greyhounds - Judith Leman - Sculptor of the Year Winner 2016