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2nd November - 13th November 2018

Opening: Saturday 3rd November 2018 at 6:30pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 13th November 2018 12:00pm

In Search of Beauty - Group Exhibition

Exhibition featuring artists Raffaella Torresan, Jurgen Rogowsky, Chris Berkman, Antoinette de Morton, Rodney Manning, Colin Shaw, Meg Davoren-Honey, Eros Anceschi, Brian Pieper, Leila Boakes, Albert Rotstein, Melanie Bardolia and Norma Sullivan.

About the exhibition

In 1959 Art Historian Bernard Smith organized the Antipodean Exhibition held at the VAS with the following participating artists:

Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, John Brack, Bob Dickerson, John Percival, Clifton Pugh and Bernard Smith.

For this show he wrote the Antipodean Manifesto expressing such views
as …the existence of painting as an independent art is in danger…Tachists, Action Painters, Geometric Abstractionists, Abstract Expressionists…threaten to benumb the intellect and wit of art with their bland  and  pretentious mysteries…wherever  we  look  we  see  artists dazzled by  the luxurious  pageantry  and  colour  of  non-figuration…we are witnessing yet another attempt…to reduce the living speech of art to the silence of decoration…

Smith concludes his manifesto with the observation that an artist’s loyalty requires…the defence of the image.

He had a large axe to grind away at the non figurative, stating:  ‘Dada is as dead as a dodo’, and again, …the artists’ loyalty  to  art  requires  the defence of the image…

Well, maybe.

If Mr. Smith was busy with the rejection of Modernism with its call for individuality and experimentation, Post Modernism, into the 70’s, with
its open approach to subject matter, process and materials, would have
been his nightmare!

These days we artists pretty well work to the tune of whatever ‘works’

The artists in this show are very diverse and open in their approach to
the craft of painting – Post Modernism has paved our way.

Some of us are somewhat experimental, others following known and
trodden paths.

We come together In Search of Beauty, which subject, we approach in our  diverse  and  individual  painterly  ways  –  figurative  to  abstract, imaginative  to  formal.  In any case, our varied styles are free and exploratory and if we owe to the past we nonetheless look to the future.


Roman Air - Chris Berkman


Sail Away - Albert Rotstein

Conception of Time - Leila Boakes

Moving the Boats in Sussex - Brian Pieper