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Robert Dickins: Imagined Images

13th November - 26th November 2019

Opening: Sunday 17th November 2019 at 1:30pm

Viewing Until: Monday 25th November 2019 4:00pm

An Exhibition of Recent Paintings: Acrylic and Watercolour on paper and canvas by Robert Dickins at the Cato Room, The Victorian Artists Society Weds 13th Nov to 26th Nov 2019. 

Official launch on Sunday 17th by Alex Skovron 1.303.30 pm. 

My new paintings are a departure from book illustration. Expressionist figures and flowers from myth and dream, once transferred to paper or canvas they become real to me. Most often they are unplanned experiments like jazz improvisations. Music, Reading, Theatre, Film and landscape affect the atmosphere of these works. I am like a child lost for hours in a box of colours. 

I would sincerely like to thank The Victorian Artist Society for their guidance and assistance in mounting this exhibition, my dear friend Mr Alex Skovron poet and editor for launching the show and Mr Maurizio De Spirt of Dean’s Picture framing for his beautiful and professional work. 

Robert has written and illustrated many children’s books including Carbothello the Dragon and Boris the Bat, the Sherlock Bob and Gough Watson plays for radio and works in the theatre. 

'Country Girl'

'The Dryad'