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4th February - 9th February 2016

Opening: Friday 5th February 2016 at 7:00pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 9th February 2016 1:00pm

Painting has always been an integral part of life for humans throughout history. We communicated our dreams, experiences and sentiments through drawings and colours among other mediums. 

This exhibition captures the progressive junctures of Toumayan’s art. It also offers a friendly venue to reconnect to our love of art creation.


Fred Toumayan, born in 1949, enjoyed art from an early age. He started a career in arts from the age of 15 and later had Solo and joint exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

Speaking of early memories Toumayan says, “I remember drawing all the time as a young kid…I would come home from school, and I start to study and reproduce the old masters’ paintings”

Toumayan’s Career spanned several talent-demanding professions including, movie posters, cover design, newspapers layout, signwriting, outdoor advertising, billboards art, textile design and graphic design. However, his heart had always been with the Fine Arts.

In Australia, Toumayan was considered one of the top Mural Artists within his field, producing Supersite Billboards for several world’s dominant brands in highly targeted strategic sites.

Being a member of the Victorian Artists Society, Toumayan showcased a range of his painting styles and techniques exhibited on several occasions alongside other talented colleagues.

In 1997 Toumayan won the internationally renowned ‘Khalil Gibran’s Literary Award’. He also won a number of other prizes.

In recent times Toumayan painted a number of well-known Australian personalities such as Hon Jeff Kennett, Sam Newman, Tracy Grimshaw, which were submitted for entry in Archibald prize.

It doesn’t look like things are slowing down for Toumayan anytime soon.