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19th October - 30th October 2017

Opening: Saturday 21st October 2017 at 2:00pm

Viewing Until: Monday 30th October 2017 4:00pm

Five would like to invite you and your friends to join them at the opening of their eighth exhibition at the Victorian Artists Society Galleries.

There will be over 120 artworks on display and for sale.  This event brings together five artists, four of whom are Melbourne-based while one currently resides in Germany.

Visitors to this exhibition will experience the excitement of seeing a diverse range of painting subjects and styles but, at the same time, be able to explore each artist's collection in greater depth than most art exhibitions would allow.


Left to right: Lucille Tam, Ted Dansey, Mary Hyde, Julian Bruere & John Hunt 


Mary Hyde

With the influences of painting trips to Tasmania and England, I have collected my painting thoughts and worked towards the new Five Exhibition for 2017.  Once again my love of 'oils' and a variety of subjects will be on display in the newly refurbished VAS Galleries.  A visit to Staithes, on the North Yorkshire Coastline was very much in sync with my continued love of boats and harbour scenes.  I stayed for two weeks in a fisherman's cottage painting and soaking up the atmosphere and back in the studio I've embarked on a number of works reflective of just why I like to paint.

Late Light Across the Tamar - Mary Hyde

Lucille Tam

What a pleasure it is to be working with my colleagues in Five again - we do have the best fun!  I am pleased to present a collection showing a range of subjects which intrigue and excite me.  The flamboyance and vividness of flowers and still life objects have always been a favourite but I am equally drawn to the vibrancy of urban streets, the light dancing across a landscape and the strange and intricate shapes of boats!  Also, can you think of anything more moving than the human figure?  These very different subjects all have their unique set of challenges but anyone who has spent time exploring them will know the rich reward which awaits.  I look forward to sharing my explorations with visitors to our show.

White Hydrangeas and Diaphanous Silk Scarf - Lucille Tam

Julian Bruere

Since our last exhibition in 2015, I have been spending more time in teaching which has seen a growth in my own drawing.  When travelling to Tasmania, Dalian (China) and Northern England in the last year I have been painting on location in sketchbooks.  This has led me towards a more expressive style of watercolour with textural additives and techniques which have found their way into my marine, snowgum and landscape paintings.

Sea Arch - Julian Bruere

Ted Dansey

Exhibiting again with a group that is not only like minded but, with whom I am pleased to call friends.  This show will feature works done on my travels, on location and in the studio.  I am constantly seeking to improve what it is that I do.  Is it working?  I know one thing, I'm enjoying it.  I hope you do too!

Boadaccea - Ted Dansey

John Hunt

I am my own particular painter and I'm pleased to say that these few pictures do express myself, a something born of small necessity, an intense working pleasure which the act itself enables.  They do not come out of some grand 'atelier' deliberation rather they have revealad themselves and for this I'm very thankful.

Untitled - John Hunt