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20th July - 25th July 2017

Viewing Until: Tuesday 25th July 2017 1:00pm

This group of artists includes five talented artists from China, Shuiliang Zhai, Jun Wang, Leslie Zhang, Qing Zhan, Xia Ye, who work in their fields of art and have their own unique artistic visual language. The artists use distinctive individual colour, form, space, light to express their dialogue with the world and continue to pursue the exchanted dreams on the art road.

Shuiliang Zhai: "I was inspired by a beautiful and tranquil lake in China. The mottled color in my works reflects my recently experience in landscape painting. It contained abstract meaning and created a harmonious atmosphere in my works. The pastel is perfect as a painting material which was just to my artistic pursuits."

Jun Wang: "My work often shows natural scenery and daily life. I advocate free form and the perfect combination of beautiful color. In this exhibition, my artworks are mainly about Australian landscapes. I want to use my way to express the surrounding life on my canvas."

 Leslie Zhang:" I am very sensitive and obsessed to colours, it is the most enjoyable part in my process of paintings. I like to use a variety of colours and simple form to express my understanding of the world. My artworks are casual, few trees and flowers, a road, a piece of water, ect. They are often without a main subject, the expression of my paintings are also very emotional and subjective."

Qing Zhan: "My artworks influenced by female portrait, fashion illustration and photography. I’m always curious about the relationship between traditional portrait and modern illustration, and I want to create an aesthetical infusion in my painting."

Xia Ye: " Chinese Ink painting is a kind of traditional painting. Now there have more new artistic forms appeared in contemporary Chinese Ink painting. I always pursuit a creative formation to express my feelings use the interesting material and integrate my ideas from my daily life into my paintings."


The Pink Spring - Xia Ye

Girl with a Chocker - Qing Zhan

Noon - Leslie Zhang

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon - Shuiliang Zhai

Beyond the Lake - Jun Wang