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8th August - 14th August 2018

Opening: Saturday 11th August 2018 at 6:30pm

Viewing Until: Tuesday 14th August 2018 1:00pm


This exhibition features the original artwork of Sanja Kacar.  Most of her work is oil on canvas, but she also finds the world of drawing equally mesmerizing.

Her work is bursting with luminosity, lines, abstract shapes, images and creatures that emerge from a mysterious, unknown realm.

Sanja is also a poet, the published author of four bilingual books of poetry, and some of her poetry will feature during the Opening Night.

Life itself is a big frame.  Our task is to create the most beautiful, liberating and colourful pictures in it while we are on this earth.  The frame is demanded by time.  We cannot control, or oppose it but imagination is ours.  Timeless and endless.


Woman in the Glass - Sanja Kacar