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13th July 2020 - 14th September 2020
Monday 7:00PM - 9:30PM
10 weeks

This is a term practical course in which you learn the basics traditional of watercolour techniques. The course has been specifically designed to acquaint you with the basics of materials, equipment and methods used and enough practical skills to enable you develop with your own creativity and imagination. We will be working with variety of subjects including landscapes, marine, street scenes, interior and still life. In addition, composition, value, perspective and figure work will be introduced to help in watercolour painting. There will be short demonstration throughout the course to give more understanding and handling each session.


Member $336.00
Non-member $378.00

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It Hao Pheh

It Hao Pheh, born 1972 and raised in multi-faceted Penang, Malaysia. In 1991, he received a full scholarship to study at Malaysian Institute of Art, majoring Fine Art in oil. In 1999, he exchanged Malaysia for the green fields of England in pursuit of an honour degree in Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College. After this foreign escapade, he returned to his beloved Malaysia and worked as a gallery curator in Kuala Lumpur for four years, and tutoring at Dasein Academy of Art. He currently resides with his family in Victoria, Australia. He is running art classes at various community centres and art societies, as well as conduct- ing workshops and demonstrations.

Since 1989, he has successfully held more than 200 art exhibitions in Malaysia, Australia, UK, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan. Being an avid traveller, he has widely explored Europe and Asia to seek inspiration for his art, of which the “Window Journey” series is a fine example. His latest discovery is the “land down under”. Australia is to provide the inspirational thrust that will be instrumental in shaping his many new art works.


You can see more of his work here: https://bluethumb.com.au/it-hao-pheh