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5th February 2019 - 2nd April 2019
Tuesday 7:00PM - 9:30PM
9 weeks

The basis of all Graham's teaching is to encourage and extend each student's development and enjoyment of painting.  In each term, new techniques with oil and water-based paints will be covered, leading students to build a personal confidence in their own work.  Emphasis is given to theme selection, compositional design, colour theory and technique exploration.

Students can choose their preferred medium.


Notre Dame - Graham McKenzie


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Graham McKenzie

For the last fifty years, Graham McKenzie has worked as a professional artist. During this time he has had periods of teaching in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions, as well as with a number of Artists Societies.

His work has been focussed on landscape painting through the exploration of the emotional response that has inspired him within each particular location. Graham tends to produce series of paintings that best explain the emotional reaction that first attracted him to the elements he is dealing with.  They are not copies but they often contain a distinct use of colour, highlighting his initial emotive responses within each region.

He has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to spend a considerable time in many remote Aboriginal communities during the last forty years, learning about the culture while listening to the stories told about their land and its relevance to all aspects of Indigenous existence.

As a teacher, Graham has developed an approach that builds each student’s confidence, as the basic principle direction in all classes.  He believes that confidence is the essential challenge as painting can be a very difficult but exciting form of communication, because it is openly visible during production.  It is there for all to see immediately, long before it is finished. He makes a strong effort to provide each student with the skills needed to clearly explain their intensions.  This is a steady process that needs to be enjoyed, while steadily developing a greater confidence.  Through one to one discussion with the students, he set challenges that are aimed at personal development.  He encourages each student to continually explore their own expectations and how different suggested approaches may provide answers to their needs.  To Graham, teaching is very much about imparting skills and providing a means for each student to see, to feel and to confidently express an emotional response.