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Gouache & Acrylic

16th July 2020 - 17th September 2020
Thursday 9:30AM - 12:00PM
10 weeks

The class aims to encourage students to gain confidence and enjoyment from their artistic pursuits. This programme will be flexible to facilitate the development of students’ creativity in personal ways. Experienced students can work on individual projects if desired.

The observation of flowers and still life will be the starting point for works in a range of sizes. The consideration of drawing, composition and design will be stressed. Colour mixing exercises will be given to increase skills.  Students will initially work in gouache or acrylic. Gouache is a forgiving medium that has the strong tonal contrasts of oil without the mess. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced artists and great when travelling. Later I can assist students to respond to one of several suggested themes or if preferred their own subject matter in the medium / media of their choice.


Winter Garden - Jo Reitze


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Jo Reitze

Born in Ballarat, Jo studied at Melbourne State College, majoring in Painting under A. W. Harding. Her long, full-time Art teaching career culminated in Coordinating Art at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College for two decades.  Her students’ works were highly regarded and regularly featured in VCE Top Arts and other state-wide exhibitions.  Canterbury Girls’ V.C.E.  Art results were also consistently among the top in the State.  Jo resigned ten years ago to focus on her own painting.

After this break, Jo is now enjoying the opportunity to work with adults. As with her former secondary students, Jo aims to facilitate her VAS students in the development of their individual styles by enabling them to focus on areas of personal interest. Students will be encouraged to maintain visual diaries for the trialing of compositional designs, sketching, colour mixing and problem solving as well as for collecting images and articles as potential resources.  A list of suggested subjects may provide the catalyst for their exploration. Students can work in a range of sizes and media. This will maximize their enjoyment as they gain confidence and skills. Individual help will be given to resolve problems and to ensure the quality of the finished works.