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3rd February 2018 - 4th February 2018
2 Day Workshop

Suitable for all levels

In a sequential program undertaking practical activities, a diverse range of approaches to teaching and learning will be offered aimed at extending drawing skills/techniques and promoting creativity.

Aim: to develop traditional drawing skills based on working from observation, primarily using still life objects and plaster casts.

Focus on LINE techniques including an understanding of contour lines, crosshatching, using schemas, rhythmic line and expressive line

Creating the illusion of depth through understanding geometric forms and masses

Manipulating light and tone including working with shadows

Developing strategies for drawing correct proportions and understanding perspective/foreshortening

Explore Art Elements and Design Principles, Composition, study the development of art styles and use of symbolism.

Tasks undertaken will provide participants with classical technical training enabling them to construct three-dimensional forms in space. The workshop encourages risk taking, experimentation and the generating of ideas and solutions.  

The workshop explores the Still Life Genre, investigating it in an historical and cultural context. Through referencing the Renaissance and Dutch Masters, Cubism, Pop Art and Contemporary Australian artists, you will explore a range of visual aesthetics. 



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Non-member $195.00

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