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Figure Drawing Workshop with Alice Palmer

25th January 2020 - 26th January 2020
2 Day Workshop

The student will complete at least six shorter figure sketches along with notes on anatomical gesture and a larger, more finished figure drawing. This course will focus not on the exact drawing outcomes of the poses, but on strategies to use in any figurative scenario, whether drawn, painted, printed or sculpted. Parallel to this a better understanding of the connective nature of anatomy in motion, and an understanding of the gesture of the figure.

The student will also be given some take-home exercises to cement the lessons that are introduced over the weekend.

This workshop includes a model


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Alice Palmer

Alice Palmer spent her early life in Perth, Australia and grew up with a strong connection to the arts. She is a recent graduate of the Florence Academy of Art, where she studied drawing and painting intensively for three years in Florence, Italy. This was a journey of many years, and through her intensive full time studies she has been able to access the training of a traditional atelier, as well as an immersion in Italian Renaissance art.

Alice experiments with various mediums, including oil and watercolour, ceramic, printmaking and collage illustration. Her fine arts focus is oil painting, and has spanned figurative scenes, still lives, landscapes and portraits. As an emerging artist she maintains a presence in the US and Australia. Currently she is creating a solo show exploring cultural distancing from physical landscape spaces in Australia, to be shown in the US at various gallery spaces.

Alice’s focus has always been on the psychological nuance of space and presence, particularly figurative representations and portraiture. Before her graduation she was able to co-host a show of work with the US based artist Devin Nelson, which was the premier opening show of the Glade Arts Foundation in Houston, Texas. Alice has taught workshops and has an extensive knowledge of classical arts practices, academic art history and in the actual creative production of an image.