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21st August, 2018


Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Painting Open Day

11.00am - 4.00pm Sunday 26 August 2018


The historic heritage listed Victorian Artists' Society, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2020, will continue its program of bringing art to the people when it stages the Portrait Painters in Action Open Day on Sunday 26 August 2018. 

Against a backdrop of over one hundred portrait artworks that have filled the galleries for the Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Exhibition, twenty two artists and their costumed models will take centre stage in the upstairs galleries. The portrait artists will work in a variety of mediums including sketching, drawing, pastel drawing, water colour, painting and sculpture.

Visitors will be able to sit in the viewing areas during the creative sessions and watch as the portraits evolve from the canvas and chat with the artists and models about the artworks during the breaks.  

Ron Smith, Communications Council Member said "the Victorian Artists' Society had among its founding members legendary artists including Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin and Walter Withers, and now continues to have a strong growing membership base of around 500 with many younger artists joining.  


Notable Portrait Painters include Sir William Dargie, a life member of the Victorian Artists' Society, who passed away in 2003. He was one of Australia's most extraordinary artists winning the Archibald Prize a record eight times.


Other Victorian Artists' Society members who were successful Archibald Prize entrants include:

Raelene Sharp, Archibald Packing Room Prize winner with a portrait of actor John Wood in 2012

and Betina Fauvel Ogden, Archibald Packing Room Prize winner with a portrait of George Colombaris Master Chef in 2016.


Mr Smith said the Portrait Painters in Action Open Day provides a great opportunity for anyone thinking of taking up painting or drawing to come in and enjoy the day, experience the heritage and history of the Victorian Artists' Society, the cradle of Australia's art history. 


Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Exhibition

Official Opening Tonight: Tuesday 21 August at 7pm

Portrait Exhibition Now Showing 


2018 Nada Hunter Award 

Saturday 18 August - Tuesday 28 August 2018

Gallery: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin


Gwendoline Krumins - Peter
Winner 2017 Portrait Exhibition Nada Hunter Award


The Victorian Artists Society is pleased to present the annual Portrait Exhibition featuring the Nada Hunter Award.  

Nada Hunter 1918-2005

Nada Hunter was well known in artistic circles, especially through the Victorian Artists' Society to whom she left several legacies for the benefit of artists. 


Born in Donald in 1918 but spent most of her life in Camberwell in Melbourne. Nada studied for a year at the Teachers College, University of Melbourne and joined the WAAF at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939.  She was engaged as an intelligence analyst throughout SE Asia.  She continued in this highly secretive work after the war in Intelligence Signals and Communications based at Albert Park.


Nada's paintings are full of spontaneity and her joyous high keyed palate places her firmly in the modernist movement.  She was a regular exhibitor with the Victorian Artists' Society from 1952 and member of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors since 1982. 
Source: Bridget McDonnell Gallery


The Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Exhibition will have on display portraits done by various artists in a wide range of styles and media.