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20th April, 2017


VAS Autumn Exhibition

Saturday 22 April - Tuesday 9 May 2017

Opening: Monday 24 April at 7.00pm

Gallery: Frater, Hammond & McCubbin


Mary Hyde - Late Light Across the Tamar

We are pleased to present our annual Autumn Exhibition including the Undine Landscape Award and President's Award.

This will be the first select exhibition for artists with voting going towards the $10,000 VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award.

The Victorian Artists' Society galleries will be filled this April with original artwork created by local artists.

Running alongside the Autumn Exhibition will be the Undine Landscape Award.  This award was formed in conjunction with Colin Jones in memory of his late wife Undine Padoms and her love of landscapes and painting.

Please join us for the opening of this exhibition. 

All welcome.


Faramarz Mokhtarpour - Reflection

Kristan Oud - Winter's End

Jenny Scholes - Midnight Oil, Oneland

Ben Winspear - Early Morning at Borung
2016 Winner of the Undine Landscape Award


Shot In The Heart Of Melbourne Exhibition

Thursday 11 May - Monday 22 May 2017

Opening: Friday 12 May at 7pm

Gallery: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin


Southbank - Mark Lourensz

The Australian Association of Street Photographers under the banner of 'Shot in The Heart of Melbourne' or SITHOM is a group of avid photographers in the 'street' genre.

Now in its 6th year, SITHOM is a Street Photography and Photojournalism exhibition that celebrates the decisive, and often indecisive, but always graceful moments that occur within our gritty, yet beautiful city.

The exhibition showcases many beautiful captures from 21 diverse and enthusiastic photographers who have focused on the eclectic hub that our city is today, ... "These photos are not just street style; they capture ephemeral moments - raw, unrehearsed and completely unique. Shot in the Heart of Melbourne is an artistic, candid homage to the people that bring this city to life each day".

In recent times it has seemed that this time-honoured, traditional art form of Street Photography has been overshadowed by the flood of the more contemporary staged, set-up, composite, digitally manipulated and heavily processed genres of photography.

Those who love this genre of photography know the feeling of elation when they capture something truly unique, fleeting, decisive and graceful.


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