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22nd June, 2020

VAS 2020 Winter Exhibition Winners



The Winners of the 2020 Winter Exhibition have been announced and live-streamed on the Victorian Artists Society Facebook page today. View the live stream HERE
Eileen Mackley AM, President of the Victorian Artists Society, and the Judge for the Winter Exhibition, Herman Pekel, announced the Winners and Highly Commended Awards recipients in the Gallery.
Judge Herman Pekel and Eileen Mackley AM, President of the Victorian Artists Society preparing to make the winner's announcements via live streaming today in the Gallery.
View the live stream HERE or click on the image above.
The winner of the 2020 Victorian Artists Society Winter Exhibition Senior Art Supplies $1000 Prize was artist Ben Winspear for the artwork titled 'Storm over Streeton CountryMt. Abrupt.
The winner of the Victorian Artists Society $250 Sculpture Award for the 2020 Winter Exhibition was artist Rachel Robertson for the sculpture titled
'For Dad'.
Highly Commended Awards were announced on the Victorian Artists Society Facebook page for the following artists: Susan Morris, Melissa Fraser, Joe Blundell, Julian Bruere, Mike Kowalski, Eros Anceschi, Chris White and Lisa Wang. Maxine Wain received a Highly Commended Award for her Sculpture.
The 2020 Winter Exhibition is a select Exhibition, with practising artists' voting going towards the $10,000 Victorian Artists Society Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award.
Judge Herman Pekel
Born in Melbourne in 1956 to Dutch parents, Herman showed an early interest in art which led him in his youth to studying plein-air (open air) oil painting with Roger Webber, Ernest Buckmaster and Lance McNeill. The raw experience of working (respectively) with them on location brought to the fore his passion for the 'freedom of spontaneity' and the rigour of speedily capturing the fleeting glow and illuminating impact of subtle shifts of light across the landscape.
Herman is a tonal realist who paints in impressionist style. He paints in oils, watercolour, and acrylic media. He is a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.
Winners of the Victorian Artists Society 2020 Winter Exhibition 
'Storm over Streeton CountryMt. Abrupt' oil on linen by Ben Winspear
Winner, 2020 VAS Winter exhibition, Senior Art Supplies Award
'For Dad' mixed media by Rachel Robertson
Winner, VAS Sculpture Award, 2020 Winter exhibition
Victorian Artists Society Winter Exhibition Highly Commended Artists
'Banksia' oil on canvas by Susan Morris, Highly Commended Award
'Ghost Ship' oil on canvas by Melissa Fraser, Highly Commended Award
'Somewhere only we know' oil on linen by Joe Blundell, Highly Commended Award
'Pt. Addis Morning' oil by Chris White, Highly Commended Award
'Arts and Leisure' watercolour by Mike Kowalski, Highly Commended Award
'Wattle Hill' oil on linen by Eros Anceschi, Highly Commended Award
'SnowgumsMt. Torbreck' watercolour by Julian Bruere, Highly Commended Award
'Baristas at Brunetti, Melbourne' oil on canvas by Lisa Wang, Highly Commended Award
'Keystone' limestone by Maxine Wain
Highly Commended Award for Sculpture
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