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21st September, 2017


Victorian Artists' Society

Spring Exhibition Opening

2017 Gordon Moffatt Award 

Saturday 16 September - Tuesday 3 October 2017

Gallery: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin


On Tuesday evening the Victorian Artists' Society officially opened the Annual Spring Exhibition featuring the Gordon Moffatt Award, sponsored by Gordon Moffatt. Gordon continues to be a generous sponsor of the Victorian Artists' Society.  He was Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne and not least, Victorian Artists' Society Treasurer for 10 years from 1981 to 1991.

The Judge for the 2017 Spring Exhibition was Maxwell Wilks. Max has worked in the Graphic Arts industry and studied at the National Gallery School under John Brack and Ian Armstrong. He also studied oil painting under Shirley Bourne.

For some years he was a Council member of the Victorian Artists' Society and is a Fellow of the Society. He was Chairman of the 20 Melbourne Painters Society for 7 years. Max taught at the Victorian Artists' Society for 16 years and was twice Artist of the Year in 1982 and 1984.

Max has chosen to follow the representational style of painting because of his strong emotional response to the effects of light, colour, atmosphere and form. He is represented in collections both in Australia and overseas, has won innumerable prizes and awards and is particularly admired for both his pastels and oils.

The winner of the Spring Exhibition Gordon Moffatt Award for 2017 is Adrian Johnson for his painting titled Dunes of the Bunurong.  

During the evening Highly Commended Awards were presented to Ottavio 'Otto' Boron, Mike Kowalski, Don James, Clive Sinclair, Ray Wilson, and Erica Wagner.


Victorian Artists' Society 2017 Spring Exhibition Award Winners
Left: Ray Wilson - Highly Commended Award; 2017 Spring Exhibition Sculptor Prize winner Maxine Wain; Clive Sinclair - Highly Commended Award; Mike Kowalski - Highly Commended Award; and the Judge for the 2017 Spring Exhibition Maxwell Wilks

Adrian Johnson - 2017 Winner of the Gordon Moffatt Ward for the Spring Exhibition
Artist Statement

Adrian was born in 1951. He has travelled extensively painting on location, most recently to the Flinders Ranges.
He was awarded Guild Fellowship AGRA in 2011. Adrian exhibited at the Latrobe Regional Gallery in Morwell in 2014.
He won the Acquisitive Award Bass Coast Shire in 2013.
Adrian joined Victorian Artists' Society in 2016 and was awarded the Highly Commended prize in the Spring Exhibition.
Adrian exhibits at AGRA Galleries in Camberwell and at the Art Space Gallery in Wonthaggi.


Dune of the Bunurong - Adrian Johnson - Winner 2017



Mt Pulciano - Ottavio 'Otto' Boron

Australia Day - Mike Kowalski

Japonica - Don James

Smith's Beach - Clive Sinclair

Tarra River, Waiting for the Platypus - Erica Wagner

Felicity - Ray Wilson


The Winner of the 2017 Spring Exhibition Sculpture Prize was Maxine Wain for her work titled Adrift.

Adrift - Maxine Wain


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