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23rd August, 2016


The Victorian Artist's Society Portrait Painters in Action On Sunday Melbournians were able to see Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Painters bringing their canvases alive by painting a series of costume portraits including a French Maid, Spanish Dancer, Asian Princess, Fencing Master, Scottish Laird and a Medieval Swordsman. Eileen Mackley, President of the Victorian Artists' Society said the Portrait Painters in Action day was one of the activities being undertaken by the Society to provide the general community and those interested in learning about art an opportunity to have a first hand experience and talk to the artists about their work.

The Costume Models Left: Asian Princess - Michelle Riel; French Maid - Angysa Echeto and Spanish Dancer - Rosa Chiri.
Rear left: Scottish Laird Marcus Byron; Medieval Swordsman Justin Mackley and Trevor Plant the Fencing Master.


Portrait Artists Ray Hewitt, Noel Waite, French Maid Angysa Echeto, Pilar de la Torre and Barbara McManus.


The Scottish Laird Marcus Byron with the Portrait Artists Elizabeth Moore Golding, Judith Harley, Melanie Bardolia and Maurice Glover.


The Asian Princess Michelle Riel with Portrait Artists Maree Holt and Elly Abrat.


Medieval Swordsman Justin Mackley with Portrait Artists Keming Shen and Jon Lam.


Spanish Dancer Rosa Chiri with Portrait Artists Steve Salo and Ray Wilson.


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