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17th October, 2017


Victorian Artists' Society October - November Exhibitions

Carbon & Colour - Diverse Works by 40 Artists

Thursday 19 October - Tuesday 24 October 2017

Opening 7.00pm Thursday 19 October 2017
Cato Gallery

Carbon & Colour - diverse works by forty artists

An exhibition of art works drawn in pencil, charcoal, ink, texta and/or painted with acrylic, oil and watercolour. The awards are sponsored by Pamela McCorkell (Best in Show),Teresa Chung (Encouragement Award) and Arts on Burgundy (3 Highly Commended).

Opening at 7.00pm on Thursday 19 October in the Cato Gallery at the Victorian Artists' Society and showing for a limited time, 19 - 24 October 2017.


Gathering the Eggs - Barb Collier

Rolling Landscape - Dorothy Cuming

Spring Silks - Deb Allison

The Eyes Only - Barb Grey

Indian Lady with Sari - Jan Mills

Tree Study - Joan Smith


The Polish Art Foundation - International Drawing Biennale

Wednesday 8 November - Tuesday 14 November 2017

Opening: Saturday 11 November at 7.00pm

Gallery: Hammond

The Polish Art Foundation (PAF) is a not -for -profit voluntary organisation that is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art to the Australian community since 1977.                                

Some 18 years ago the Foundation committed to the establishment of a dedicated bi-annual International Drawing Competition (Biennale) to emphasise the significance and role of drawing as an art form among both established and emerging contemporary artists in today's society. 

To date we have been delighted to have had the opportunity to exhibit at the Victorian Artists' Society Galleries and enable us to showcase the International Drawing Biennale's select works at this important arts hub. In this way allowing the Melbourne visitors as well as students to enjoy a unique cultural exchange right at their door step.  

This event, open to both local and international entries, provides a unique window into the exclusive world of drawing in all its forms enabling an exchange of ideas and trends among artists from all corners of the globe.

The competition final presents usually up to 65 works that have been previously selected by an appointed jury. The Foundation receives entries from established and emerging artists from as far places as Asia, Europe and America. 

As an organisation we encourage the active participation of emerging artists who maybe first time entrants into the unique and enchanting space that is the artistic community. Our exhibitions have proven to be a valuable stepping stone for several young artists who are working towards establishing themselves in the Australian art market. It is also important to note that many participating artists return to the Biennale as they continue to evolve on their own unique artistic journey.   

The Foundation also works in partnership with other arts bodies and agencies including Multicultural Arts Victoria and The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney. 


Speak My Language - Miroslaw Zahalka