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11th July, 2017


Victorian Artists' Society July Exhibitions

'Boats, Boats (sea, sky) boats'
Peter Sharp - A Marine Painting Exhibition

Monday 3 July - Sunday 30 July 2017

Gallery: Members Room

My Exhibition is an illustration of an obsession with traditional sail in a series of oil paintings.
Peter Sharp


Porth Ia - Peter Sharp


 The Image - Image & Green Gully Clouds 

 Lin Liu & Xu Liu Exhibition

Wednesday 12 July - Tuesday 18 July 2017

Opening: Wednesday 12 July at 6.00pm

Gallery: Frater, Hammond & McCubbin

HUAAO International Media Company is pleased to invite you to the opening of "The Image-Image & Green Gully Clouds, the Exhibition of Lin Liu and Xu Liu at the Victorian Artists' Society.

Please join the artists for refreshments at the opening.

Reservation is preferred, as seats are limited. Please send your RSVP to huaaointernationalmedia@gmail.com

About the artists

Lin Liu was born in 1959. He is now a professor of the painting department at Tsinghua University, and a doctoral Tutor. He has participated in the National Fair, the National Youth and American Art Exhibition, the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, the Olympic Art Conference and other important academic exhibitions.

Xu Liu was born in 1973 in Beijing. He is an art academic and full-time painter.  Xu Liu is also a member of  the Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Artists Association, Chinese Claborate-style Painting Association and Wu Changshuo Art Seminar. Xu Liu's work has a refreshing character. 


Garden Series III

A New Direction - Prints and Paint Exhibition 

Walter Magilton

Wednesday 26 July - Tuesday 8 August 2017

Opening: Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July at 2.00pm

Gallery: Cato

This will be about my sixth solo Exhibition since becoming a member of the Victorian Artists' Society in about 1975.

This Exhibition A New Direction' is in two halves or themes. The Exhibition is made up of small paintings in either oil or gouache of common everyday objects from around the home or landscapes. I find that very ordinary objects - lemons, onions etc, painted with care and integrity have a great deal of charm.

Very new for me are a series of hand coloured lino prints that I have been working on for several months. After printing the lino by hand, I don't have a press, each one is hand coloured with watercolour. No two are exactly the same. In fact some could be coloured to match the wallpaper!

A number of subjects are included in the prints.


Waratah's - Walter Magilton


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