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7th August, 2019



Wednesday 7 August - Tuesday 13 August 2019
Cato Gallery
This Exhibition celebrates the human body and showcases artworks that have been created during the weekly Portrait and Life Group sessions with life models.
Sitting Lady, watercolour by Sidney Huang
Wednesday 7 August - Tuesday 13 August 2019

Opening Night Function - 6.30pm Wednesday 7 August 2019
A ll welcome
Frater, McCubbin and Hammond Galleries
Ma Lin is a researcher at the Chinese National Academy and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He is a distinguished professor and supervisor of post graduate studies at the Art Institute of Hebei University.
Zhang Yanzi has a double Masters degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Capital Normal University. Zhang works at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
Light Rain, oil by Ma Lin
Artwork by Zhang Yanzi
Saturday 17 August - Tuesday 27 August 2019
Award Presentation 7.00pm Tuesday 20 August 2019
Cato Gallery
This coveted biennial Art Prize is available for students working in the field of 'Naturalistic Portraiture' and is valued at $5,000.
The award is open to students of art of all ages and experience levels, whether this be in university, through the Victorian Artists' Society or other art schools, informal institutions, societies or with a private tutor. This scholarship is open to beginners and advanced students working in the Naturalist style.
Norma Bull 1906 - 1980
Norma Bull was born in Melbourne in 1906. As an artist she was most active in England during World War II and famous for her wartime depictions. Her skills were diverse with etching and painting being her focus. The opening of her exhibition, ‘War time Britain’ on 4 December 1947 was attended by Her Majesty the Queen of England. In the prelude to this exhibition one journalist expressed “What I liked most was the artist’s enthusiasm: it seemed to me she felt she had a message to give to the people of Australia”.
After a long and distinguished career, she passed away in 1980 after a Trust was set up to celebrate the study of art in the form of Naturalistic Portraiture.
‘Portrait of Gregory R. Smith by Rachel Dettmann-Smith
Winner Norma Bull Portraiture Scholarship 2017
Featuring the Nada Hunter Award of $1,000
Award bequested by the late Nada Hunter
Saturday 17 August - Tuesday 27 August 2019
Opening and Presentation: 7.00pm Tuesday 20 August 2019
T he Norma Bull Scholarship Award Winner will also be announced at this function.
Frater, McCubbin and Hammond Galleries
The Victorian Artists Society is pleased to present the annual Portrait Exhibition featuring the Nada Hunter Award for $1,000.
Nada Hunter 1918-2005
Nada Hunter was well known in artistic circles, especially through the Victorian Artists Society to whom she left several legacies for the benefit of artists. 
Nada was born in Donald in 1918 but spent most of her life in Camberwell in Melbourne. She studied for a year at the Teachers College, University of Melbourne and joined the WAAF at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939. Nada was engaged as an intelligence analyst throughout SE Asia, and she continued in this highly secretive work after the war in Intelligence Signals and Communications based at Albert Park.
Nada's paintings are full of spontaneity and her joyous high keyed palate places her firmly in the modernist movement. She was a regular exhibitor with the Victorian Artists Society from 1952 and member of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors since 1982.  
*Source: Bridget McDonnell Gallery
Portrait Exhibition
A variety of work will be on display and for sale, showcasing the many talents of our artists in a wide range of styles and mediums. This is an ideal opportunity for art enthusiasts who wish to develop their art collection.
Please join us for the opening of this Exhibition on Tuesday 20 August at 7pm.
'Wallander's Dad' by Julian Bruere - Winner of the 2018 Nada Hunter Portraiture Award

Portrait Painters In Action Open Day
11.00am - 4.00pm Sunday 25 August 2019
During the Portrait Exhibition we will also be holding our Portrait Painters In Action Open Day which will be held on Sunday 25 August from 11am - 4pm.
Portrait painters will be demonstrating the process of painting a portrait from life models.
Please join us on the day for portrait painting and a light afternoon tea.
All welcome.
The 2018 Portrait Painters in Action Open Day
12.00pm Thursday 29 August 2019 - Tuesday 10 September 2019
Opening: 7.00pm Friday 30 August 2019
Galleries: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin
Wednesday 11 September - Tuesday 17 September 2019
Cato Gallery
Gregory R. Smith FVAS Artist Teacher, Tonal Realist Oil Painter working direct from life is presenting his 43rd Solo Exhibition entitled 'Seeing is Believing'.
This exhibition will showcase 122 oil paintings all painted during the previous 12 months.
Still life, florals and landscapes will feature displaying his visual knowledge, craftsmanship and his understanding of the oil medium.
He invites you to experience some of the essence and beauty captured in his latest body of work. 
'Violin and Copper' , oil by Gregory R. Smith
7.30pm - 9.30pm Saturday 31 August 2019
Hammond Gallery
I n the beautiful Hammond Gallery of the Victorian Artists Society, site of Dame Nellie Melba's first singing school, Gertrude Opera's young artists will present a program of opera arias and ensembles, followed by a glass of wine and sandwich supper with the artists.
Gertrude Opera's young artists