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4th April, 2017


Victorian Artists' Society

April - May Exhibitions

Paul Laspagis Exhibition 

Friday 31 March 2017 - Friday 28 April 2017 

Gallery: Members Room


Paul Laspagis

Paul Laspagis has studied at the National Gallery School and has been working and exhibiting in Melbourne for forty years.

He has been a member of the Victorian Artists' Society for twenty years.

The exhibition is based on mostly drawings from the Wednesday night drawing class.


Female Figure - Paul Laspagis


Shifting Shapes that Connect Exhibition 

Anita Bye and Gabriele Rohlje

Wednesday 5 April - Thursday 13 April 2017

Opening: Saturday 8 April at 12.00 noon

Gallery: Cato


View Across Wetlands - Anita Bye

Anita Bye

The Attraction of Landscapes

Travelling and walking in different countries with your eyes open you become conscious of the variety of shapes and colours in the landscapes, the mix of geometric and natural shapes and the importance of shadows.

Be it rock, wetlands in the Australian North, sand dunes in the Empty Quarter of Oman or soaring mountain ranges in Iran, their forms and colours are exciting and inspirational.

Landscapes create a range of moods. They can overpower you with their magnitude or they can make you feel joyous with their blue skies or sparkling waters. It can be exhilarating or meditative, invoke different atmospheres and put you into a different frame of mind depending on the ambiance at different times of the day.


Composition X - Gabriele Rohlje

Gabriele Rohlje

Shifting Shapes That Connect is conceptualised by marrying hard-edged painting and colour language, structure colour and pattern.

Movement is portrayed by way of colour language and hard-edged images; the relationship between organic and geometric form.

These paintings display bold compositions executed in synthetic polymer which is versatile and quick drying.  

Luminosity, juxtaposition and superimposing geometric shapes are reflected in these images through the use of vibrant colour and their placement. Using black lines creates an almost three-dimensional space between the upper and the lower.


VAS Autumn Exhibition

Saturday 22 April - Tuesday 9 May 2017

Opening: Monday 24 April at 7.00pm

Gallery: Frater, Hammond & McCubbin


Early Morning at Borung - Ben Winspear 2016 Undine Award Winner

We are pleased to present our annual Autumn Exhibition including the Undine Landscape Award and President's Award.

This will be the first select exhibition for artists with voting going towards the $10,000 VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award.

The Victorian Artists' Society galleries will be filled this April with original artwork created by local artists.

Running alongside the Autumn Exhibition will be the Undine Landscape Award.  This award was formed in conjunction with Colin Jones in memory of his late wife Undine Padoms and her love of landscapes and painting.

Please join us for the opening of this exhibition. 

All welcome.


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