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The Eastbourne Art Prize and Exhibition 2019

The Eastbourne Art Prize and Exhibition Proudly presented by Mirvac in partnership with the Victorian Artists Society.   Victorian Artists Society artists were invited to create works for consideration in the Eastbourne acquisitive prizes of $4000 and $6000. The winning artworks, six in total acquired by Mirvac, will adorn the walls of the Eastbourne development. Remaining works were open for sale on the opening night. The Eastbourne exhibition, held in the Frater Gallery, ran in conjunction with the acquisitive prize, held in the Hammond Gallery. VAS member artists were invited to enter small...

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The opening of the Victorian Artists' Societies Contemporary Exhibition March 2018 saw artists, memebers, and their guests enteratined by Joyce Chahine and Joshua Dema as they viewed the outstanding exhibition .  

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Put some colour in your life join Victorian Artists Society Unlock your creative talents, at the Victorian Artists Society in a friendly atmosphere and surrounded by the history and heritage of Australia's greatest artists such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and others call 96621484, www.victorianartistssociety.com.au. 

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Arthur Streeton's 150th Birthday Celebrations Click the link ABC AM National Program to listen to this morning's interviews. It was a case of a birthday cake amongst the easels, the palettes and brushes today as Artists at the Victorian Artists' Society celebrated the 150th birthday of one of the Society's most famous artists, Sir Arthur Streeton. Arthur Streeton, fondly known as "Smike" by friends and fellow artists, was a founding member of the Victorian Artists' Society Council in 1888, and as a member was a major exhibitor in the Society's Exhibitions.   The Friday Group of Painters with...

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Victorian Artists' Society Restoration Exposed  The opening of the Victorian Artists' Society on 27 May 1892 was described as the most important event connected with art in the history of our colony. With the Society approaching its 150th Anniversary in three years, a major $1.5 million  privately funded restoration and upgrading of services in the building is well underway, with the Victorian Artists' Society having raised $850,000. Currently  to finish the restoration of this heritage building, another $650 000  is needed  to complete the project to be able to hand the building over to futu...

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Victorian Artists Society

The Victorian Artists' Society the building, the artists and the characters. Opened on 27 May 1892, the Victorian Artists' Society with Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, Walter Withers and many others who worked in the art studio of the building, provided the foundation stone of Australian art. Within these walls tens of thousands of artists from all walks of life have learnt to paint, draw and sculpt.  The building became the home of Dame Nellie Melba's Conservatorium with the upper gallery used for debut performances. The building is now undergoing major restoration. It is...

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