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Fred Toumayan

Fred Toumayan Exhibition at the Victorian Artists' Society 4 February 2016 to 9 February 2016 Opening night: 7.00pm Friday 5 February 2016 Painting has always been an integral part of life for humans throughout history. We communicated our dreams, experiences and sentiments through drawings and colours among other mediums. This exhibition captures the progressive junctures of Fred Toumayan's art. It also offers a friendly venue to reconnect to our love of art creation. Fred Toumayan   Fred Toumayan - Biography Fred Toumayan, born in 1949, enjoyed art from an early age. He started a career in a...

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ABC news update on the need for the Victorian Artists Society building restoration

First Love Since 1870, the Victorian Artists Society has been home to the avant-garde. A place of learning where the masters of tomorrow hone their skills. A **public gallery** that first shows the art of the future for savvy collectors. And a surprising destination that ignites a lifetime of passion in many *unsuspecting visitors*. Welcome to the beginning of something new.

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