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Victorian Artists' Society August Exhibitions Victorian Artists' Society Portrait Exhibition Saturday 12 August - Tuesday 22 August 2017 Opening Tuesday 15 August at 7.00pm Gallery: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin   Rod Edelsten - Self Portrait - 2016 Winner   The Victorian Artists Society is pleased to present our annual Portrait Exhibition featuring the Nada Hunter Award. This Exhibition will have on display portraits done by various artists in a wide range of styles and media. During this Exhibition we will also be having our Portrait Painters In Action event. Portrait painters will be demons...

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Victorian Artists' Society Student and Teacher Exhibition Thursday 27 July - Tuesday 8 August 2017 Opening: Thursday 27 July 2017 at 7.00pm Gallery: Frater, Hammond & McCubbin The Victorian Artists' Society Art School has a long history of providing art classes to the community. The Art School has been making art accessible to the public since 1892. Students enjoy the privilege of painting in the same Art Studio where some of Australia's most well-known artists, including Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Walter Withers and Frederick McCubbin also began their journey. The Art Studio has changed v...

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Victorian Artists' Society July Exhibitions 'Boats, Boats (sea, sky) boats'Peter Sharp - A Marine Painting Exhibition Monday 3 July - Sunday 30 July 2017 Gallery: Members Room My Exhibition is an illustration of an obsession with traditional sail in a series of oil paintings. Peter Sharp   Porth Ia - Peter Sharp    The Image - Image & Green Gully Clouds   Lin Liu & Xu Liu Exhibition Wednesday 12 July - Tuesday 18 July 2017 Opening: Wednesday 12 July at 6.00pm Gallery: Frater, Hammond & McCubbin HUAAO International Media Company is pleased to invite you to the opening of "The Image-Image & Gre...

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Victorian Artists' Society July Exhibitions Sean Curry Exhibition 'After the Fall' Paintings and Drawings  Wednesday 5 July - Tuesday 11 July 2017 Opening Saturday 8 July 2017 at 1.30pm Gallery: Hammond and McCubbin Untitled - Sean Curry Born in 1998 in Melbourne, 'After the Fall' is Sean's first solo exhibition.  Working in a variety of mixed mediums, his work encapsulates internal chaos and defiant quietness which brings to the viewer a brief, indefinite, interval of time. Sean's paintings and drawings are a collection of such moments of mindscapes in movement and space.   Enchanted Dream E...

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June Exhibitions

Victorian Artists' Society June Exhibitions East Meets West - Alice Shen Exhibition  Wednesday 7 June - Tuesday 13 June 2017 Opening: Saturday 10 June 2017 at 2.00pm Gallery: Hammond and McCubbin   Flowers in the Morning - Alice Shen   Alice Shen "I love flowers, all kinds of flowers.  I also love planting and painting flowers, as well as travelling.  And I love taking pictures of flowers on my travels.   Whether flowers are rich and deep, or light and playful, they all have their individual beauty and grace.   Beauty is temporary, so I need to preserve it on my canvas.  As the flowers bloom...

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VAS 125th Anniversary

Victorian Artists' Society 125th Anniversary of the Opening of the Vic. Arts Today     Students and staff of Presbyterian Ladies College at the Victorian Artists' Society today   The historical links of Australian art spanned 125 years yesterday  when art students from the Presbyterian Ladies College took part in a special drawing class at the Victorian Artists' Society to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Society's heritage building in Albert Street, East Melbourne.   The Presbyterian Ladies College students drawing in the gallery   Walter Withers, a member of the Heidelberg school of...

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