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June Exhibitions 2016

Victorian Artists' Society June Exhibitions and Concerts Life Group Exhibition Thursday 26 May 2016 - Tuesday 7 June 2016 Opening: Friday 27 May at 7.00pm Gallery: Cato In December 2014 the Saturday life drawing group of VAS took the initiative to organise an exhibition of their work, together with that of the Wednesday group. More than a year later another such exhibition will take place, for a two-week period. Again, work of VAS members of both groups will be exhibited. The work demonstrates a variety of styles, backgrounds and experience, and highlights the importance of these group session...

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May Exhibitions 2016

Victorian Artists' Society May Exhibitions Members Room Exhibition Gael Balogh 2nd - 31st May 2016 Gallery: Members Room When I was 21, a workmate suggested I come and learn painting from an artist in Dandenong. His name was John Balmain, and so began a lifetime of painting visual truth, tonal impressionism, realism, or painting what you see. There are many descriptions, all apt. When people find out I paint, they always ask, what do you paint? I always think, I paint what I see in front of me; as it appears. I try to be objective, but I always answer; still life, portraits and landscape. Duri...

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Crowdfunding 2016

Victorian Artists' Society Crowdfunding for the Love of Art The Crowdfunding Campaign launches on Monday 2 May 2016 What is crowdfunding? The practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people online. What are we crowdfunding for? We are calling on the community to help us restore our Heritage Listed building so that we can continue to provide valuable resources for the creative community and general public. When can I pledge? The crowdfunding campaign launches 2 May and will run for 30 days. The campaign has a wide variety of rewards on offer in...

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Recollections Exhibition

Thursday 28 April - Tuesday 3 May 2016 Frater, Hammond & McCubbin Galleries Official Opening: 6.30pm Thursday 28 April 2016 by Suzanna Sheed, Independent Member for Shepparton Opening night has art, a book launch, wine and music. Louise Foletta has invited 3 noted women artists; Celia Beeton, Jo Reitze and Marian Rennie to join her in exhibiting at the Victorian Artists' Society in East Melbourne. Each artist will hold their own independent exhibition of Recollections. The breadth and excitement of the work shown will illustrate how it's often women who dare to explore new and sensitive areas....

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Opening Night - Autumn Exhibition

Victorian Artists' Society Official Opening of the Autumn Exhibition incorporating the Undine Landscape Award Frater, Hammond & McCubbin Galleries Saturday 9 April - Tuesday 26 April 2016 The Victorian Artists' Society Autumn Exhibition was officially opened by Richard Watson last night. The Autumn Exhibition winners were also announced. Ben Winspear won the Undine Landscape Award for his painting titled Early Morning in Borung. This award was formed in conjunction with Colin Jones in memory of his late wife Undine Padoms and her love of landscapes and painting. The President's Award, a new Aw...

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Autumn Exhibition 2016

Victorian Artists' Society Autumn Exhibition incorporating the Undine Landscape Award Frater, Hammond & McCubbin Galleries Saturday 9 April - Tuesday 26 April 2016 Opening Night Tuesday 12 April at 7.00pm The Victorian Artists' Society is presenting the annual Autumn Exhibition including the Undine Landscape Award. The Exhibition will be judged by Richard Watson. The Autumn Exhibition will also be officially opened by Richard Watson on Tuesday 12 April at 7.00pm. Please join us for the opening of this Exhibition. All welcome. Biography Richard Watson has had a professional involvement in the A...

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