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Coffee at The Victorian Artists' Society Victorian Artists' Society Tutor Gray Nichols and VAS Members on their way to class welcomed the new Victorian Artists' Society special Heritage Fundraising Coffee Mug   Victorian Artists' Society Heritage Fundraising Coffee Mug $15.00 Purchase direct at the Victorian Artists' Society Front Desk The Victorian Artists' Society 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne The perfect gift to share a memory or tell a personal story over your connection with the Victorian Artists' Society and at the same time help the Society to raise funds to restore its heritage bui...

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Packing Room Prize

Victorian Artists' Society Member Takes Off 2016 NSW Art Gallery Archibald Packing Room Prize Congratulations to Betina Fauvel-Ogden Betina Fauvel Ogden and George Calombaris and her winning portrait. Image courtesy ABC News: Sarah Hawke The Victorian Artists' Society has congratulated Betina Fauvel-Ogden from the Friday group of painters for her outstanding success of winning the prestigious NSW Art Gallery 2016 Archibald Packing Room Prize with her portrait of Australian chef and restaurateur George Calombaris. I am sure all members of the Victorian Artists' Society are extremely proud of Be...

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July 2016 Exhibitions

Victorian Artists' Society July Exhibitions Impressions and Imagination Bob Shi and Alice Shen Wednesday 29 June - Tuesday 5 July 2016 Opening: Sunday 3 July at 2pm Gallery: Hammond and McCubbin Alice Shen and Bob Shi, talented Chinese artists from Shanghai, China, are specialised in Oil Painting. They are both experienced landscape and figure painting artists, and have created a lot of marvellous works in the past few years. The artists have selected some of which to make this 'Impression and Imagination' art show, wishing they could be admired by fellow artists and friends from various field...

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Winter Exhibition 2016

Victorian Artists' Society VAS Winter Exhibition Saturday 11 June - Tuesday 28 June 2016 Opening: Tuesday 14 June at 7.00pm Gallery: Frater, Hammond and McCubbin The Winter Exhibition will feature the Daniel Smith - Senior Art Supplies Award. The Victorian Artists' Society annual Winter Exhibition provides some outstanding works which reflect the continuing high standard of VAS exhibitions and the level of creative skills of members. The Winter Exhibition covers a wide range of subjects and media which also reflects the broad range of interest and styles of artist works. Please join us at the...

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June Exhibitions 2016

Victorian Artists' Society June Exhibitions and Concerts Life Group Exhibition Thursday 26 May 2016 - Tuesday 7 June 2016 Opening: Friday 27 May at 7.00pm Gallery: Cato In December 2014 the Saturday life drawing group of VAS took the initiative to organise an exhibition of their work, together with that of the Wednesday group. More than a year later another such exhibition will take place, for a two-week period. Again, work of VAS members of both groups will be exhibited. The work demonstrates a variety of styles, backgrounds and experience, and highlights the importance of these group session...

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May Exhibitions 2016

Victorian Artists' Society May Exhibitions Members Room Exhibition Gael Balogh 2nd - 31st May 2016 Gallery: Members Room When I was 21, a workmate suggested I come and learn painting from an artist in Dandenong. His name was John Balmain, and so began a lifetime of painting visual truth, tonal impressionism, realism, or painting what you see. There are many descriptions, all apt. When people find out I paint, they always ask, what do you paint? I always think, I paint what I see in front of me; as it appears. I try to be objective, but I always answer; still life, portraits and landscape. Duri...

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