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Congratulations to Jennifer Fyfe for winning the VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award 2019.

This exhibition is by invitation only.  To be eligible artists must have exhibited in at least 2 of the seasonal shows and received the highest number of votes during these shows.  The VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Award is awarded to the artist gaining the most votes for all exhibitions including the VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Exhibition.

Jennifer Fyfe: 2019 Mavis Little Artist of the Year Prize Winner

‘I’d like to thank the Little family for their generous support. Without the support of benefactors such as yourselves, artists would not have the opportunity to improve and push boundaries. Your gift gives us the privilege to stand back and take a breath and sit and ponder. To visit new places, to delve into new materials and to explore new ideas without financial constraint. It is a gift of freedom that you have given me and I am very grateful.
‘It is support that sustains us as artists. For me personally it is the support of my family. My Husband, my rock, who is patient and encouraging, Mum and Dad who have helped out with buying frames and drilling and screwing in hooks and my three teenage sons who are brutally, brutally honest in their critique. 
‘The VAS is a place where I have been mentored and inspired. Here there are shoulders to lean on and companions to laugh with. The artistic support here has undoubtedly improved my work. 
‘But from now on we are supported in a new manner as artists. We are now supported by the fabric of the building itself. We exhibit in these renovated galleries with pride and with an understanding that we are part of Australian art history. This sense of pride has only come about through the generosity of our fundraising donors—thank you—and also the dedication of Eileen, Hylton, Rosa, Ray, Chris, Mark and members of the VAS council. Thank you for your long hours and hard work. Eileen, this restoration project has been your vision and it is your drive and enthusiasm that has culminated in the magnificent, graceful gallery we are enjoying today. Without you, none of this would have been possible.
‘I think we are in for some exciting times ahead.’


Ellen Jenkins
2019 Sculptor of the Year Prize

Ellen Jenkins has a Diploma of Arts in Fashion and has worked in the Fashion Industry for nearly forty years. It was at RMIT that she started Life Drawing which increased her interest in the human figure. Ellen worked in Watercolour for many years and then discovered Clay and Sculpture about 13 years ago. She loves working in 3D and gets very excited about every new block of Clay she opens.


Julian Bruere
Design Framing Members Choice Prize

Julian Bruere continues to enjoy his participation in the VAS as a painter­—it has always provided artists with a purpose.  The AOTY is the culmination of entries in the seasonal exhibitions and sees a suite of three works exhibited in the final exhibition.  Julian always like to present his very best work on these occasions and feels honoured to have won the AOTY Award on three occasions.


Ron Reynolds
Noel Waite AO Exhibitors Choice Prize

Ron Reynolds is an artist whose prime objective is to create rather than copy. Working from drawings done before the chosen motif, Ron departs from reality and explores the abstract qualities of the chosen work. Diebenkorn, Catherlin, Hollan & Morandi inspire his work.
Ron was awarded the VAS Artist of the Year Award in 1996.